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  An Exhibition by 12 Penang Artists

Penang, the Pearl of the Orient often brings back memories of bygone days of traveling on rickshaws, picnics by the river and waterfalls, idyllic beaches and memorable sunsets at Batu Ferringhi, the wide display of local delicacies at Gurney Drive, the dramatic splendor of the Chingay Procession and the funicular railway up Penang Hill for a full view of the island.

The history of Penang art has evolved with the decades, with early influences from China in the late nineteenth century which was manifested in the classical technique of brush painting and the innovative introduction of Batik painting as a form of art. The legacy of traditional art continues and is still alive till today. This exhibition of 12 Penang Artists brings about a combination of the old world and the new world that maintains a kind of sensibility that is still in tune with the charm of Penang.

The expression of these twelve artists is great indication of the thriving art scene in Penang. The artists each have their own styles expressing their direct experiences as well as taking heed of the changing times; and the growing influences of the modem world. Originality and sentimental values are indeed the standard that these artists have dedicated themselves to conserve the unique appeal Penang has always assumed.

It is with great pleasure that NN Gallery presents for the first time a group exhibition of twelve Penang artists. Their styles are as the island itself - ranging from oils, watercolours and sculptures depicting rural as well as urban life, of traditional and modern forms in a myriad of the artistic expressions today. The exhibition will give the finest view of the diverse contemporary art and culture in Penang.

The Artists:


Cheah Ewe Hoon -

Cheung Pooi Yip -

Chew Kiat Lim -

Dr. Chew Teng Beng -

Chong Hon Fatt -

Chuah Kooi Yong -

Chuah Siew Teng -

Heng Eow Lin -

Koay Soo Kau -

Khoo Cheang Jin -

Tay Mo-Leong -

Tayep bin Yop -