Artist biography


       Ismail Latiff
Melaka born artist who gained his formal training at Mara Institute of Technology, Ismail Latiff has shown his work locally as well as internationally.

" I embarked on a conquest of inner space, texture and colour bringing the beauty of the natural world indoor, that is transformed onto paper and canvas. I have explored my work in such a way which might lead to confusion and curiosity on the part of my viewers, I hope that the viewer will explore my work through his or her own individual imagination and perception of the world. I have arrived at my philosophy of life and work: Art is Life and one of the Best Introduction to Art is Nature."



"Ismail’s colours are vibrant and alive. Colours is energy, colours is light. Each colour symbolises a state of being and levels of cosmic existence."

Chu Li (photographer,1992)

"…one of the greatest escape artists ever to wield the brush. (Ismail) is the realm of the enchanted and the enchanting, an utopian world built on love, beauty, purity and power."

Ooi Kok Chuen (Art critic, Sunday Styles January 1993)

Selected Public Collections
National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
National Museum of Art, Singapore
National Gallery of Fine Art, Amman, Jordan
Fukuoka Museum of Art, Japan
Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, Osaka, Japan
National Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan